Recreation at Heerlen

  • Spa Museum: This museum contains artifacts and a bathhouse from the Roman period. During your visit you will get called a good impression of the origins of the city of Heerlen, formerly Coriovallum. (
  • Kinderstad Heerlen: This indoor playground has an area of 10,200 m2. The many attractions and playground equipment is a real attraction. Children can be entertained for hours. (
  • EXplorion: In Star Observatory centre eXplorion you can look at the stars every Friday evening. (
  • Hoensbroek Castle: This castle you find yourself in the Middle Ages. The castle can be visited on your own. You can get a guided tour at the reception of the castle and even medieval dress hire for the kids. (
  • Neoliet: When climbing center Neoliet Sporting Club Kaldeborn is good climbing for the experienced climber. But even if you’ve never climbed it’s definitely worth a try under the supervision of an instructor. (
  • Skatepark The Promise: The Promise is a new indoor and outdoor skating rink complete with halfpipes, skating vert et cetera. You can find The Promise Sporting Club Kaldeborn.
  • Dutch My Museum: Housed in the former 100-year-old Oranje Nassau mine I. The tours are given by former miners. (
  • Woonboulevard Heerlen: You will not be bored. The whole day you can browse through the dozens of furniture stores and garden centers is the promenade rich. (
  • Cinema: In the center of Heerlen are 2 cinemas located. (
  • Theater: In the center of Heerlen is a very modern theater where to find for every age group and in every genre something. Book your tickets well in advance! (
  • Schunck: This is a multidisciplinary cultural institution specializing in Modernity and Urban Culture. Schunck originated from a joining of forces of various cultural institutions: a museum of modern and contemporary art, a center for research and presentations in the field of architecture and urban planning, a public library, a music and cinema Mirror. (
  • Heerlen center: The city of Heerlen has an extensive shopping center. 2 shopping malls and many restaurants is a good place here.
  • Bicycle rental: At the train station in Heerlen, you can rent a public bike. (

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