• Wildpark Gangelt (13 km): At a very short distance you can watch the animals and learn about them. There is also a birds of prey show, petting zoo, playground and a restaurant. (
  • Zwembad Gangelt (13 km): Large outdoor pool with multiple diving boards and a long slide. (
  • Aken (22 km): This old city with a very rich culture has a cozy center, where you can get guided tours to get to know the city better. Or you just go shopping and have a bite to eat. Then try one of the different types of delicious German pastries or the famous Aachen prints. The Aachen Cathedral and the Rathaus are really worth a visit. If you are at the campsite in December, we can warmly recommend a visit to the Christmas market. ( the official site of the city Achen, in 5 languages.)
  • De Eifel:One of nature reserves in Germany with nostalgic towns and villages, lakes and forests. Think of the Eifle trips, Monschau, Nideggen and Schleiden.
  • Phantasialand (90 km): This theme park has various themes. Such as China Town, Silver City, Alt Berlin, Mexico and Wuze Town. Each part has its own associated attractions. Phantasialand is best known for her shows. In short: sufficient entertainment for young and old. (
  • Movie Park Germany (90 km): The largest film and entertainment park in Germany. You can enjoy various performances, live show stuntmen, Shrek 4-D, various roller coasters, a splashing whitewater course and much more. Especially suitable for 8 years and older. (



  • Maasmechelen Village (25 km): Outlet shopping Center. (
  • Coo (Stavelot) (28 km): The waterfalls of Coo originated in the 15th century.  (
  • Stuwmeer van Guilleppe (55 km): This is a beautiful big lake in a stunning environment. A nice place for a picnic or a walk.
  • Grot van Remouchamps (28 km): Walk through a beautiful stalactite cave where you will be dropped off at the starting point with a boat trip on the longest underground river in the world. (
  • Bobbejaanland (55 km): This family park offers various roller coasters, whitewater rides and children’s attractions. (
  • Luikse vlooienmarkt (58 km): Every Sunday morning you can wander and sniff for hours between the stuff.
    Ardennes: The place for canoeing and hiking. The Ardennes has large areas of forest and streams where you can perform many outdoor activities. Nature lovers can indulge themselves here.

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