• Brunssummerheide: At only 15 minutes walking distance from Camping Hitjesvijver is a forest and heathland area of ​​2000 ha. You can follow several walking, cycling, horse riding and MTB routes here. The routes are all clear signposted.
  • Barefoot Park: Have you ever walked barefoot through nature? No? Walk now through the Barefoot Park Brunssum and feed your feet with 100% natural stimuli. The Barefoot Park is adventurous, challenging, healthy and philosophical.(www.barefootpark.eu/en/)
  • Schutterspark: A beautiful wooded park where you can walk. For the children there is a playground, a mini port and a petting zoo. (www.schuttersparkbrunssum.nl)
  • Adventure Park het Plateau: Adventure Park het Plateau: Park het Plateau is located in the Schutterspark in Brunssum. At Park het Plateau you can go climbing, crossbow shooting, ax throwing, mountain biking and hiking. In the climbing and adventure park you defy obstacles at a height of 3.5 to 7 meters (depending on the 4 routes). You can climb rope ladders, lians, wooden wobbly bridges and you slide back down via a zipline along the trees. The climbing forest consists of 4 climbing routes with endless challenging elements that will give you the ultimate nature and adventure experience. Age: from 5 years old! (www.parkhetplateau.nl)
  • Parade Brunssum 2022: June 30 to July 3, 2022. Unique dance performances, surprising workshops, a multifaceted cultural market and cosy evening parties. That’s the Worldfestival Parade Brunssum! With as highlight the famous folklore parade, including folklore groups from all over the world. The theme Discover the Dance gives you a new vision on folklore and modern dance. Come watch, participate and enjoy the Parade, a surprising multicultural festival for all ages! (www.paradebrunssum.nl/en)

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